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We live our lives on technology these days. From iPhones to laptops to smart TVs… we’re all connected to a wonderful world of information and entertainment.

Feeling lost in the digital world? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Aureole Systems have been helping residents throughout Gippsland and beyond to get online with onsite support and advice.


Get the skills you need when you need! Our library of short videos covers a range of topics. You'll be rocking pivot tables in no time!

IT Support

Everyone needs their own computer wiz on standby. When switching it off and on again doesn't work, call our friendly team and we'll help get you up and running again.

Computer Repairs

Why do machines always break right before that big report is due? Whatever the case, we'll have your laptop or desktop fixed quick smart so you can get back to business.

Home Network Setup

Experience the convenience and power of a modern-day smart home without the hassle. We'll make sure all your devices are talking to each other so you can enjoy Netflix on the big screen or check your thermostat from the park.

Cyber Security

Keep your data safe from hackers and stop scammers from gleaning your credit card details with our industry-leading online security solutions.

Data Recovery

Losing family photos is something no one wants to experience. Our experts can recover data from failed hard drives and thumb drives. We can also implement a secure backup solution for you so you'll never lose your irreplaceable data again.

Cloud Services

From Microsoft 365 and beyond, Aureole Systems will help you manage all of your essential cloud services, including set up, installation and support.

…I can’t thank you enough for your prompt action when my computer died and I got the “blue screen of death” late one Friday afternoon – you had me up and running before 9am on Monday and I never lost 1 hour in business downtime. Thanks David, I owe you bigtime.

Genni Hiriart, Drouin

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